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Storage Water Heaters

Why Sigma and Sigma pRO

Electrocution-Proof Electric Storage Water Heater

An insulated cylinder tank that heats water, stores heated water at a controlled temperature and delivers the hot water when it is needed. The tank comes with different storage sizes to fulfil varied requirements in the commercial and residential markets. It is featured with a powerful electric heater, high quality and reliable Pressure and Temperature Safety Devices to supply a smooth and enjoyable hot water usage at your convenience.

Electrocution Prevention

Pre-installed with isolation barrier to prevent electrocution caused by current leakage and best in-class safety.

Exclusive Single Welded Line

Inner storage tank with single welded line that helps to reduce more than 67% of water leakage risk.

Blue Diamond Inner Tank

A high efficiency inner tank with anti-rust coating that prolongs the product lifespan with 5 years warranty.

Why Sigma Pro Is The Best In Business

A trusted brand of storage water heaters equipped with class leading innovations such as the Involoy 840 heating element, Intrix’s offerings are SIRIM tested to ensure quality and safety.


Sigma pro

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