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Multipoint Tankless Water Heater

Intrix eCompact is designed with child safety Thermelizer® technology that self regulates to preset temperatures. It controls water temperature automatically with zero scalding risks and protects users from power surges. Users can enjoy safe hot water supply in an instant!

Endless Hot Water With Thermelizer®

With Thermalizer technology, eCompact is able to self-regulates the output temperature regardless of water flow rate changes.

Space Saving Compact Design

eCompact is small in size and requires only simple piping with flexible mounting options, even in tight spaces.

Zero Waiting Time

eCompact is designed to provide hot water supply in an instant. You can enjoy hot water as soon as you switch on the taps. Wait no more for hot water!

Child Safety Thermelizer®

Self regulates output temperature regardless of water flow rate changes and maintains hot water at a safe temperature for use.

Why eCompact?

A trusted brand of water heaters equipped with class leading innovations such as the Thermelizer™ technology, Intrix’s offerings are SIRIM tested to ensure quality and safety.

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