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Redefine the Kitchen

Cooking tap changes how you cook, forever.

When you want to fall in love with home cooking all over again, there’s nothing more important than having the tools you need to get truly creative always ready and waiting. That was the thinking behind the Cooking Tap by Intrix, and it’s an approach to design that has enabled us to redefine the kitchen. With a constant supply of purified, hot water that’s already 98% boiled, you can transform how you cook by looking to the future. It uses 80% less energy than a traditional kettle, stays warmer for longer, and gives you more time to work your magic in the kitchen. Not only that, but we’ve created the Cooking Tap to be the easiest-to-use device of it’s kind on the market. Why? Because you wouldn’t want anything else, would you?

Beverage Making

Fall in love with hot drinks.  Whether you want tea, coffee, or even a mug of sweet hot chocolate, the Cooking Tap is always ready and waiting.

Quick Cook

Cook faster for less.  Just because you’re cooking faster thanks to water that’s just about to boil, doesn’t mean you have to pay a premium. In fact, our unique approach uses 80% less energy.


Perfect prep, every time.  Cooking Tap allows you to quickly and easily prepare fresh ingredients so you can extract every ounce of flavor. Just what you need to love every mouthful.


Clean with ease.  Thanks to Cooking Tap: the smarter way to take the hard work out of cleaning up.

Drink & Cook

Purity guaranteed.  Enjoy the natural benefits of purified water that’s safe to drink, perfect for homemade soup, and healthier for the whole family.

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Intrix Group is the market leader in water heating, purification, and hydration solutions. We have over 20 years’ experience working in partnership with some of the most prestigious hotels and integrated housing developments throughout the UK, SEA region, and Malaysian markets. 

INTRIX KettleTap Cooking Tap was first exported to the UK in 2018, with Samantha Murray — world champion and Olympic medalist in the modern pentathlon — acting as our spokesperson.

We are a group of passionate, fun, and energetic people working together to challenge the norm and strive for excellence in everything we do.

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Just a few clients past and present who have built our global reputation.

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