Assure+ Commercial Filter

“Undoubtedly better flow, better efficiency”


for better food service

When it comes to brewed coffee, water makes up more than 98% and it is absolutely critical for
commercial settings, not only affecting beverage flavor but also ensuring that your equipment
lasts a long time.

Product Features & Benefits

Ultralong Lifespan

17" height cartridge with filtration lifespan up to 160,000L

Improved Taste

Removal of unpleasant odour, chlorine, chloramine for better taste water and beverage.

High Flow Rate

Increase efficiency for faster food service application


Purification System

DS Carbon Prefilter

Removes dust, sediments & bigger particles

Activated Carbon Block (0.5micron) with Scale Inhibitor

Removes cysts, unpleasant odour, chlorine, chloramine, trihalomethane, VOCs and heavy metals.

Build-in Scale inhibitor to reduce scale formation hence ensure longer lifespan of filter and kitchen equipment.

Quality Certification of
Our Filter

Best In-Class Performance and Services

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