Making coffee in the morning is so much more easier now with this instant purified boiling water tap - 2 Cents

Making coffee in the morning is so much more easier now with this instant purified boiling water tap - 2Cents

(Source: 2 Cents Malaysia) 

Proudly developed and manufactured in Malaysia, it is carefully packed with innovation, including the usage of their unique titanium inner core; this unit rests beneath the counter, freeing up important space on the kitchen countertop. Two tap styles, available in chrome or matte black, may be used to complement or replace your kitchen faucet for an even slimmer countess.

When Intrix decided on a drinking water solution for home use, they wondered, how do we make it desirable for people now? “When we (at Intrix) studied modern kitchens, we saw integration everywhere. How do we make as many things as ‘invisible’ as possible while having more functions than the conventional?,” reminisces Mr. Tee Tone Vei, Managing Director of Intrix Group.

“We develop products with our own usage in mind, and for Intrix Reinz Plus, we spent 3 years in research and development (R&D) creating a product that is aesthetically pleasing, energy-saving, environmentally friendly, with easy maintenance and the highest safety standards – design meets function,” elaborates Mr. Tee.

“What gives us the competitive edge amongst worldwide competitors is the extensiveness of water purification we provide alongside key safety measures. One of which is the use of our patented titanium inner core (heating element) which prevents any heavy metals leaching into drinking water, and eliminates any worry of rust or limescale forming,” he added.

Other features include:

How do we reduce the number of filter cartridges entering landfills and still purify water thoroughly?

With that thought in mind, they created the 3-stages nano filter cartridge which consists of sediment filters, activated carbon block filters and nanofiltration membranes. Only requiring a hassle-free do-it-yourself annual change (or as per the filter alert system), microbes as small as 10 nanometers and 99.99% of bacteria, algae and viruses are effectively removed while preserving the water’s natural minerals. Drink straight from the tap!

Which is more energy efficient?

Boiling water using an electric kettle or using Intrix Reinz Plus? With in-built Eco mode, users can save up to 70% of energy consumption in comparison! Typically, one would boil a full kettle even if they only use a single mugful, this is extremely inefficient. In contrast, the Intrix Reinz Plus helps to save and retain hot water for constant use while only requiring minimal energy.

Additionally, no energy is required in providing ambient water. Adding to energy efficiency is the Smart Eco-mode feature, which allows users to pre-programme the unit to be on ‘sleep mode’ nightly, and can easily be ‘woken up’ to facilitate any hot water usage, then it automatically returns to ‘sleep mode’.

Worried the hot water will sputter out of the tap?

That has been solved with an automatic temperature and altitude calibration. Meanwhile, the tap is heat-proof to the touch, and an advanced child-proof push-to-activate system prevents children from accessing boiling water without supervision. Intrix Reinz Plus is tested, inspected and approved by SIRIM for water and electrical safety requirements. It also satisfies the same per European and UK standards, the strictest in the world.


It features two options of tap designs, in either chrome or matte black. The 2-in-1 tap is typically installed to the side of the main kitchen faucet and supplies a free flow of purified hot or ambient drinking water. The duo tap can also be upgraded with a font to create a sleek beverage station suitable for home and office use.

The 4-in-1 tap however replaces the typical kitchen faucet altogether by additionally providing regular hot and ambient water to your kitchen sink for washing.