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Intrix commenced its journey into Europe many years ago and has gained significant experience by working with a UK market leading partner since 2003. Initially to provide external R&D support on heating solutions which quickly developed into added value design, manufacture and supply of hot water and heating technology solutions, to leading water heating companies.
  • Pioneer leading Tech-Innovative company
  • Proud-of Brand in the eyes of customers
  • Sustainable Strategy and Innovative Technology
Our Products

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INTRIX designs, manufactures and exports water heating technologies to leading water heater companies in UK. Today, we have established our business reach across the globe, specialises in water heating, purification and hydration solution.

Water Purifiers

Have you ever drank water and notice a weird taste in it? That taste is the dozens of minerals, chemicals , and metals that can be found in tap water and drinking water around the world. It is kind of scary to know, but we have a solution. At Intrix, we have implemented a 3-stage purifying process so that you get safe drinking water and certified 98°C boiling water directly from your kitchen tap.
  • 20% higher flow rate compared to current market products
  • Remove cysts, trihalomethanes, VOCs, and some heavy metals
  • Remove unpleasant odour, chlorine, and chloramine
  • Enjoy fresh and clean water without paying any electricity bill

Water heaters

Intrix water heaters are designed with child safety Thermelizer technology that self regulates to preset temperatures. It controls water temperature automatically with zero scalding risks and protects users from power surges. Users can enjoy safe hot water supply in an instant!

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are designed to transfer thermal energy at reversed direction of normal heat flow, by absorbing heat from a colder medium and releasing it to a warmer one. A heat pump uses a small amount of external power to accomplish the work of transferring energy from the heat source to the heat sink. Intrix’s designed heat pump is a renewable hot water system that uses the lowest operation cost comparing with other energy sources.

Storage Water Heaters

An insulated cylinder tank that heats water, stores heated water at a controlled temperature and delivers the hot water when it is needed. The tank comes with different storage sizes to fulfil varied requirements in the commercial and residential markets. It is featured with a powerful electric heater, high quality and reliable Pressure and Temperature Safety Devices to supply a smooth and enjoyable hot water usage at your convenience.
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